I’ve decided to call my new piece Slow Tide.

The idea probably comes from when I lived right by the sea, in Fife, and was often hypnotised by the long, slow, incremental creep of the tide, pulling back under even as it rolls forwards.  The two pianos have a push-me pull me relationship which makes the same kind of progress – slow to the point of motionless, but inexorable.  And behind them the two percussionists are caught up in slowly evolving tide-tables of their own.  I’m really looking forward to the first performance, by pianists David Christophersen and Vivien Choi, and percussionists Peter Britton and Derek Scurll, in West Road Concert Hall.

Hong Kong: Live it, Love it!

Well, we’re now back from the trip to Hong Kong.  We had a fabulous time, and one of the joys was working with such delightful musicians; we had such fun with them.  The whole concert has been broadcast and webcast on RTHK, who also put together an excellent film about our stay in the city.  We certainly got a taste of the high life….

The TV programme can be seen online at Music First/Power of Harmony

It includes Vivaldi’s Gloria, Bach’s double violin concerto performed by Catherine and Guy together with the wonderful orchestra of the HK Academy of the Performing Arts, a Purcell anthem and the new piece I wrote which brought together all the different soloists and ensembles of the concert, including Niu Niu, Yang Peiyi, Catherine Myerscough, Guy Button, the Orchestra of the HK APA, and Robinson College Choir.  It also includes members of the choir proclaiming the HK Tourist Board’s inimitable slogan Hong Kong: Live it, Love it!

Back to the UK now, and reality.  And onwards and upwards, in fact, as I need to write a piece for Cambridge pianist David Christophersen, who has commissioned a work for two pianos and two percussionists. My idea is to set the percussionists free of the pianists, while entwining them in a delicate and intimate dialogue with each other.  We’ll see how it turns out.