Quicksilver – new video

This is a video of Anuradha Chaturvedi dancing to a score I wrote for her a couple of years ago. This was the third performance, at the Exuberant Gala in the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, last month. Anuradha made a new choreography so it’s quite different from the two videos you can see in last year’s post. It’s also a much better quality of video – thanks to Erika Montenegro who filmed it!

or for mobile phone users, this is a smaller file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10415359/quicksilver%20-%20for%20mobiles.m4v

Quicksilver – new choreography

AVARTAN MainThe wonderful dancer Anuradha Chaturvedi, who premiered my solo dance piece Quiverful in July 2011, has made a new choreography of the piece and will be performing it at the Exuberant Gala show at the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, on Sunday 22nd September.

I’ve also changed the name of the piece to Quicksilver (to avoid the completely inappropriate associations of the name Quiverful for readers of The Barchester Chronicles!)

We aim to take a video, which I’ll post soon – watch this space.


Dante returns

The Dante evening on April 25th was a huge and wonderful occasion, bringing together all kinds of different artists from film, photography, dance, poetry, music, theatre, and many other areas.  My piece inspired by Dante’s account of Purgatory, That Second Realm, was beautifully performed by Alfredo Deano, David Curington and the Cappe Quartet, who also played quartets by Cheryl Frances Hoad and Roxanna Panufnik.   It was a tremendous evening, and we’ve decided to organise a second performance, somewhat reduced in scope and length, but retaining the dance and music, and some of the theatre, poetry and film.  The first evening sold out so we expect a high level of interest: the second performance will be on Tuesday June 23rd at 7.45, and again will feature the apt architechtural spaces of Robinson College.  I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing the pieces danced again.

Music by Jeremy Thurlow.

That Second Realm

The dance piece I talked about in the last post (‘Dancing Uphill’) is now finished and choreographed and has a name – That Second Realm.  The choreography by Susie Crow is fantastic, not only for its refined and searching response to Dante, but also for its strong emotional power. I’m also delighted by the way that she has worked with my score.  It’s being superbly performed by eight dancers from Cambridge Contemporary Dance, together with an outstanding ensemble of 6 musicians.   It’ll be part of a big evening of Dante-related pieces of all kinds – music, theatre, poetry, sculpture, dance, film – in Robinson College, Cambridge, on April 25th.

Music by Jeremy Thurlow.